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Whoo. Crazy Week! My niece Madison Isabella aka Mims was born Monday. Therefore I have been awol. Her birth has truly given me time to think about life and how amazing it really is. God has blessed with life and we should enjoy every minute of it. We stress about the things we don’t have or the goals we need to accomplish, but at the end of the day we need to be like a new born child. Happy that they are simply alive.


-For life and health and people who Love me for me.


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New Focus

Ok it has been a while since I post simply cause I have been wanting to find a direction for this blog. I have decided that it is gonna be just about my life. I am going to write about rediscovering life after weight loss. Even after my weight loss I did not live a real life because I fixated on food and excercise and  what would keep me  at a certain weight. That was just DANGEROUS! That was not living.

Now I choose to live but it has been a process this rediscovering life after weight loss. I am not the same person in so many ways. Who am I. That is the question I am trying to answer now.

I got this verse from Polly’s blog.  She is so inspirational and I will try to live by this :

I’m not saying that I have this all together… but I am on my way, reaching out for Christ who so wondrously reached out for me.” Philippians 3:12

I am not saying I have all this together but with Christ’s help I know I will rediscover life. It is a journey and will take time but this is why I am here. To tell all that life is worth living at any weight. Follow me on this journey.

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Trying New Things

Wow. Today I headed to the gym and I was so tired. But I got my butt up early and after checking a few blogs headed to the gym. I really didn’t want to get on the bike cause I had done some lower body weights yesterday and I could feel that spinning or running were not in the equation. 

Well I remembered seeing someone at the gym on the Stairmaster and he was drenched. But I always thought the stairmaster was kind of this 80’s gym machine for ladies. I had also seen other bloggers( Kath)  commment on the fact that they use it HAHA! Was I wrong.  It Kicked My Butt! I could not believe it. I thought that running or spinning were the only ways I could sweat that way. So from now on I cannot say I wont try the different machines at the gym.

On another note I would love to know what you guys think of Almond butter. I have never tried it and I would love to. It looks and sounds so good. But I guess I am a creature of habit and am used to my Naturally More. It is simply sooooo  good. But it sounds like this Almond butter may actually be able to compete. Hopefully I can find it somewhere.

Well I guess all I can say is take a little time and try something new. Try something you would’ve never done or a food you would have never eaten. you might actually be surprised!

Stay Happy!

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What About The Positive?


think_positive by APH0rism.


For many years I was a  glass half empty kind of person ( I still have my days). But, lately I have been tying to focus on the positive side of things. I know, I know it’s easy to say but what else can we do? Life always throws challenges and at times we go through things that can cause us frustration, but if we only focus on the negative then we will never get over the hump.

At one point I was really focused on being a runner. I really wanted to run that marathon and say I had completed such a huge accomplishment ( I tend to make crazy goals sometimes) . Then I hurt my knee and could’nt excercise at all for like a month. This drove me insane. Once I could excercise I had to smooth into it slowly and that made me even more frustrated cause I was used to the intense forms of excerise.

However, one day as I sat in a painful stooper on my bed my mom gave me a a good talking to. You know those talks moms give to smack sense into you. She said “why don’t you focus on what you can do and then try to accomplish those goals when you actually can. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have.”

Wow that hit me like a ton of bricks. SO I beganto focus on the things I could do. That’s how I found and fell in love with Spinning. I could actually do it and not be in pain, but I had always thought is was a wimpy kind of excercise cause it was a group class. I WAS  WRONG.  Now I actually love it.

So I learned to focus on the positive and what I could do in every part of my life. Like I said I have my days, but it puts everything else into perspective. If you can only walk then walk, if you can only do 20 mins then do 20 mins., or if it is that goal you haven’t achieved but are putting the effort to achive then focus on what you have already achieved. Enjoy the journey!

Stay Happy!

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Country Bob’s!


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Finding Balance

Sorry for being awol for 2 days but school has made things pretty crazy lately. It’s the end of my semester.

For much of the past 3 years life has truly been about finding balance. I still dont think I have mastered this balance thing, but I try and try and it seems to have worked out so far. I have tried the lists, and calendars, and everything in between and they usually last a day. I try to make time for my workouts, and school, and sometimes sprinkled in between all of this I make a little time for LIFE. But there are days like yesterday when everything seems to just kinda go in the opposite direction that you want it to go. Days like this remind of when I stressed out over evrything. About the food I ate and if I got in enough time to work out and if I had prepared everything and fixated about every last detail of my life. Or the days when I was over weight and really didn’t plan anything and went with the flow and just didn’t take care of myself or the imortant things in my life.

Those are the days where I have to scream to myself STAY HAPPY! Take a deep breath and realize that everything is going to be ok. This is just an isolated moment and it is not going to wreck your entire life. Take a deep breath and think of ways of changing your situation. Cause trust me it was so easy to just fall into the “woe is me” mentality and revert to negative behaviors. But, in the long run it is simply not worth it.

Balance by Jeremy Stockwell.

How do you guys find balance? How do you balance working out, healthy eating, being sane, family and friends, school or work?  Any pointers?

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Does losing weight make you happy?


I know that when we are trying to lose weight this is the last thing we ask ourselves. We just want to get to a certain number or wear a certain item of clothing. But for those of you have read “My Journey” you might begin to question the actual purpose why you want to lose weight. I think that we in America need to adopt a new mindset behind weight loss. I think that we have made huge strides, but it seems as though a number on the scale or a size is still the motivation behind most people’s weight loss. 

I guess since I have lost weight and pretty much kept it off people come up to me and ask me how to do it themselves. I hear everything from ” I have to stop eating carbs right?” or ” I need to just stop eating all together!” to fit that bathing suit by May or so that I can get a girlfriend. I’m not an expert, but uhhh NO. You need carbs and you should eat  cause your body needs the fuel to function.

Weight loss is not easy, trust me I know but keeping it off is even harder and if your not in it for the right reasons it’s even harder. But when your goal is to be healthy and to be able to walk up, and to be able to walk up and down the stairs, or to simply have fun with your family than you will be alot more successful and actually happy. Trust me the feelings we call happiness when we lose weight subside but when you are I guess what we all call healthy (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) than you will find what I call happiness. So in my opinion losing weight did not make me happy, but trying to live a healthy life has.

         here's a happy pig by only alice.

How do you all feel?


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