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Whoo. Crazy Week! My niece Madison Isabella aka Mims was born Monday. Therefore I have been awol. Her birth has truly given me time to think about life and how amazing it really is. God has blessed with life and we should enjoy every minute of it. We stress about the things we don’t have or the goals we need to accomplish, but at the end of the day we need to be like a new born child. Happy that they are simply alive.


-For life and health and people who Love me for me.


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New Focus

Ok it has been a while since I post simply cause I have been wanting to find a direction for this blog. I have decided that it is gonna be just about my life. I am going to write about rediscovering life after weight loss. Even after my weight loss I did not live a real life because I fixated on food and excercise and  what would keep me  at a certain weight. That was just DANGEROUS! That was not living.

Now I choose to live but it has been a process this rediscovering life after weight loss. I am not the same person in so many ways. Who am I. That is the question I am trying to answer now.

I got this verse from Polly’s blog.  She is so inspirational and I will try to live by this :

I’m not saying that I have this all together… but I am on my way, reaching out for Christ who so wondrously reached out for me.” Philippians 3:12

I am not saying I have all this together but with Christ’s help I know I will rediscover life. It is a journey and will take time but this is why I am here. To tell all that life is worth living at any weight. Follow me on this journey.

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